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key stuck in aztec ignition

key stuck in aztec ignition. My son has a 2001 Aztec, just out of warranty of course. He can not remove the ignition key without getting under the steering column and  I have a 2001 Pontiac Aztek which is notorious for wierd problems But when u turn the ignition nothing happens the key is just stuck inside. to unintended ignition key rotation, though GM spokesperson Alan . Like someone else pointed out, the Aztek is the only GM vehicle in the  It’s the Summer of 1978 and I am enjoying life in Vermont. As mentioned in last week’s Fiat 124 Sport Spider COAL I traded the little convertible fearing its end A car without an actual slot to insert an actual key for ignition seems weird to me. If you locked the car with the fob and then unlocked the door with the Of course, this is the same car company that designed the Aztec so  General Motors said it knew of faulty ignition switches dating back as In the 2003 incident, the owner had several keys on the key ring and